We continue to support our Auckland customers whose homes were damaged during the January floods.

We are rehousing all our customers who are unable to return to their homes because of flood damage, and working quickly to assess damage and prioritise repairs. However, this process will take some time. Here, you can find up-to-date information about the progress we are making in supporting our customers impacted by the floods.

Latest update as at 8 March 2023

We are in the process of offering new homes to 252 impacted customers. These offers are being made to customers whose homes are considered unsafe, customers who are vulnerable, or who cannot remain safely in their homes while we undertake repairs.

Property update there are 593 flood damaged homes across Auckland

Work we’re focussing on

Assessing and repairing damaged homes

We’re continuing with detailed assessments of the worst hit of our homes. Our priority is getting assessors out to yellow placard homes of customers who are elderly, have children under 5 years, or have disabilities or other health issues.

We have several hundred homes also under construction we are also working to get finished as quickly as possible so we can start moving impacted whanau into these homes as well.

Support for customers

We continue to support our Auckland customers whose homes have been damaged in the floods.

Since the floods, we’ve connected with our customers to check they’re OK, and worked to connect them with support with essential supplies. We will continue to provide this support as a landlord, and link them with the other services they may need.


Page updated: 8 March 2023