Ensuring that housing is appropriately mixed

On top of that, our commitment to ensuring the housing we develop has a good mix of public, market and affordable homes (including KiwiBuild and other affordable options) means that the housing we’re supplying meets the needs of a wide range of New Zealanders.

Public housing - comprises the new and existing state homes that Kāinga Ora builds and manages for decades. Our development programmes replace, upgrade and add to New Zealand’s existing state homes.

Affordable housing - Homes in more affordable price ranges will feature in many of our new housing developments. This includes those looking for their first home.

Market Housing - Providing a variety of types of new homes is vital to addressing the country’s housing needs. Market homes are being built within neighbourhoods that also include community housing and KiwiBuild homes to create vibrant and diverse communities. By bringing a greater supply of homes to the general market for purchase we hope to help ease the pressure on pricing.

Increasing our homes in the regions

We have increased the number of cities and towns we're looking to build in. This is in line with the Government's plan to increase public housing supply across New Zealand.

Our new homes will be modern, attractive and easy to maintain, accommodating both families and individuals. Most of the houses being constructed are one or two-bedroom, with some three and four-bedroom homes. They will be carpeted, insulated and double-glazed with thermal curtains. The homes will be sited on landscaped sections with private outdoor living areas, including parking.

All proposed buildings will be within the local Council’s district plan requirements and will take into consideration boundary lines and the orientation of the building to optimise sunlight. Where we are building homes on currently tenanted properties, we'll ensure adequate space between the properties.

If we need to remove an existing house to redevelop the site, we'll work closely with tenants to relocate them to other suitable homes, preferably in the area.

The feature boards below will give you an idea on what the homes will have.

one-bedroom homes [PDF, 617 KB]
two-bedroom homes [PDF, 584 KB]
two-bedroom duplex homes [PDF, 682 KB]
three-bedroom homes [PDF, 541 KB]
three-bedroom 2-storey homes [PDF, 610 KB]
four-bedroom homes [PDF, 632 KB]

Page updated: 27 August 2021